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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Finally The Truth About Rating A Profile

Their seems to be allot of confusion as to

if rating someone’s Profile serves any purpose,

so I am here to set the Record straight.

I took the information below directly off

the Yuwie Help Center. One more point

I would like to add is that people

tell me that when they go to someone’s

Profile Page to Rate their Profile,

landing on their Page Counts as a Profile View.

True, but then I remind them again

that only going to someone’s Page Counts as

A Profile View but the actual Rating does not.

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Do You Want To Win Free Referrals?

Step by step Procedure on how to receive

Free Referrals from Yuwies Newest Free

Referral Contest

1. You must go to a Live Yuwie Radio Show

(if you have not already set up a user name

and password for the Yuwie Shows, you will

need to do so).

2. At various times during the day, during

Live Yuwie Shows, a Free Referrals Image

will be placed on a selected Yuwie Profiles

(to see this image, go to Y Guy's Profile).

3. Once the Image is placed, find the Image,

click on it and you will be re directed

to another page which will have a

6 digit code. Place the 6 digit code

in the Live Yuwie Show chat room.

If you are the 1st person to do this

during the Contest, you will

win 5 Free Referrals.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

I Think Yuwie Has Taken Control Of Me

Since I joined Yuwie , I no longer

Sleep! All I think about is

Referrals, Blogs and Friends.

What gives? I ask myself how

can I be so addicted to this but

I'm not able to convince anyone I

know of this. Day, Night and

Saturday too it’s Yuwie all the time.

What has happened to me? Is this

happening to anyone else????

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